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Anti-fouling system

Antifouling System Cathelco ICAF is designed to fight against microbial colonies and corrosion. It consists of copper anodes and steel plates mounted under the body of the box cooler in the sea valve box. The constant current on copper anodes dissolve the copper in the seawater. The copper ions create an unattractive environment for biological fouling.

The period of service and replacement of anodes is 5 years.


  • Even distribution of copper ions along the length of the box cooler for greater effectiveness;
  • Cathode plate ensures a uniform wear pattern along the length of the anode;
  • Systems designed around dry docking schedule;
  • Cathelco can adapt anti-fouling systems to suit any size or shape of box cooler.

Product range

Type of cooler Number of rod anodes
200 и 300 4
400, 600 и 800 6
1000 и 1200 8
1400 и 1600 10

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